Chardonnay Doc Venezia

General description

The origins of Chardonnay are linked to the town of the same name in France’s Mâconnais area, fruit of the crossing during the Middle Ages of Pinot Noir and Gouais, a variety of Slavic origin, resistant to cold weather and quite vigorous. Gouais is utilized principally as a blending wine.

It arrived in Italy through trade routes only afterwards, from the mid-19th century on, particularly in the Trentino and Friuli regions, it then reached the hinterland of the Veneto, where it became widely cultivated, in the early part of the 20th century.

Up until 1974 Chardonnay, all ov Europe, was confused with Pinot Blanc, from which it differs by the characteristic skin color of its berries, to the point that Chardonnay was quite frequently termed Pinot Giallo (yellow Pinot) or Pinot Chardonnay.

It was in the from the early 1970’s on that the true ampelographic story of Chardonnay began, and the grape has demonstrated a great versatility and the ability to express in an excellent manner the specific characteristics of the various zones in which it is planted.


The Chardonnay DOC Venezia is characterized by an intense straw yellow color with golden highlights, and by a warm and intense luminosity.

On the nose it offers aromas of bananas, peaches, and pineapple over mineral notes and a hint of wildflowers. The palate is ample, elegant, well balanced in its combination of roundness, freshness, and a moderate crispness.

In the Veneto it expresses the soils on which it is planted, caressed by the sun and by the breezes which sweep in from the nearby sea.


When should the Chardonnay DOC Venezia be drunk?

It is a flavorful aperitif wine to drink with snacks, even if it is ideal to share it with friends and family during Sunday lunches, including those in boats, anchored near an island in Venice’s lagoon ((“nel barchin” in the local dialect).

Abbinamento Chardonnay DOC VENEZIA

Recommended matches with food

A wine of this type prefers dishes of a certain structure as, for example, a gilt-head Dory seasoned with aromatic herbs such as sage and Rosemary. It gives its best with traditional grilled fish or with fish risotto dishes, very popular during the summer season in Venice. Among first courses it goes particularly well with rice or with pasta dishes seasoned with vegetables.