The vine weeping, the rebirth of the vine

It is an important moment

The vine weeping, the rebirth of the vine. That’s right: it is an absolutely natural phase, which indicates the vegetative restart of the vine which is preparing to face a new year full of beautiful and bad days, but always with a good mood, that of the people of the Venezia DOC denomination take it care, they raise her like a daughter. It is therefore a very positive moment.


Why it is called vine weeping?

This phase of the annual cycle is called vine weeping, because they look at the vines, they cry, that is, from the branches that have awakened from the winter hibernation caused by the cold, they start to live again. This phenomenon is due to the fact that they recall the liquids present in the soil to send them to the buds, from which the new shoots will be born and therefore the bunches that will give us another excellent production of wines produced from vineyards part of the history of Venice.


What substances contain the liquid that comes out of the branches?

The liquid that comes out is a solution based on sugars present in the energy reserves of the plant and mineral salts, those present in the soil.


When it usually happens during the year?

The period in which the weeping of the vine occurs is not regular, in the sense that it varies according to the variety of vine. Each vine has its epochs, that is, the moments in which compared to the others it carries out the weeping, budding, flowering and so on) and of the territory where the plant is located (plain, hill, mountain). The moment therefore marks the end of winter and the physiological beginning for the spring plant.