The Venezia DOC wines, a big family

The denomination Venezia DOC

Venezia DOC is the name that protects and promotes the wines of Venice, a symbol of the art, history, tradition and culture of a city that was once home to a Maritime Republic, the Serenissima Republic of Venice.
This was known and is still known for its commitment to the production of high quality wines that tell the glass of a well-rooted past, but projected towards the future. Venezia DOC protects different expressions of wine, which is why we can talk about Venezia DOC wines, a big family.
These refer to its tradition, also in terms of vines, such as Glera, Verduzzo, Raboso piave and Raboso Veronese and others that are the result of the great harvest that Venetian winemakers have made including Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in the colonies of the Republic in its thousand years of history. Today some of these are also visible at the Vineyard-Garden, at the Convent of the Discalced Carmelite Friars of Venice, as the object of recovery and enhancement activities of the Consorzio Vini Venezia.
These vines are now part of the Venezia DOC wines.

The Spumante Venezia DOC

Spumante Venezia DOC encompasses the vivacity and liveliness of Venetian living. Bright straw yellow, it opens with floral notes of hawthorn and wisteria and then makes you feel fruity aromas of green apple and rennet, fresh and crisp; sometimes it has hints of tropical fruit according to the varieties used. In the mouth, the freshness is balanced by the roundness and the pleasant drink with a bubbles that quenches thirst and restores.

Pinot Grigio Venezia DOC

Pinot Grigio represents one of the best expressions of the viticultural potential of Venezia DOC. It has a color that varies from straw yellow to the more modern light pink, tending to blush, thanks to the maceration of the skins with the wine. It has strong floral and fruity notes in which elderberry and broom flowers are recognized, followed by Williams pear and pineapple, sometimes accompanied by tertiary aromas if a barrel stop is also made. A noble wine with a good structure to drink fresh and young but which also lends itself to a moderate refinement.

Chardonnay Venezia DOC

Chardonnay Venezia DOC is characterized by an intense straw yellow color, with golden reflections, and a warm and intense brightness. The nose gives us fruity hints of banana, peach and pineapple on a mineral background with light flavors of wild flowers. In the mouth it is enveloping, elegant, well balanced between softness and freshness and with a contained flavor. It speaks of the lands in which it is cultivated, caressed by the sun and the breeze that comes from the nearby sea.

Rosé Venezia DOC

The Rosé Venezia DOC, made with the grapes of indigenous vines, bewitches from the color: a pink that goes from light onion pink or peach color, up to pomegranate, with a pleasant brightness. The tasting opens with floral notes of roses and wild flowers, and then gives way to fruity aromas of pineapple, morello cherry (wild cherries) and berries. The lively and elegant bubbles also prolong these sensations in the mouth with a pleasantly bitter finish.

Merlot Venezia DOC

Merlot Venezia DOC has an intense, lively and pleasant ruby ​​red color. It strikes us with the scent of small red berries and cherries, giving the vegetal notes of freshly cut grass, a very slight hint of green pepper and finally a mineral background. The taste is pleasant, non-aggressive, with round and elegant tannins, balanced flavor. It is normally vinified and aged in steel, therefore it retains its varietal and mineral characteristics; the result is a finer, fresher and more pleasant wine.

When to taste Venezia DOC wines?

Venezia DOC wines are ideal with the typical recipes of the Venetian tradition, such as the Venetian “fritoin”, consisting of fresh fish of the day caught from the Adriatic Sea, fried in light oil. Inside you can also find the “schie” very small shrimp to eat with their crunchy shell.

Another example of a typical recipe from Venice is the creamed cod, a particular and unique version of the stockfish prepared with extra virgin olive oil, usually served on bread croutons as an appetizer (it is often found in aperitifs served in Venetian inns, the “bacari “) But also served as a main course.

Another opportunity to taste the Venezia DOC wines is when you want to savor the flavors of Venice, the romantic city par excellence that makes us rediscover many memories in us and at the same time invites us to visit it, for its unique charm in the world, with friends, with relatives, with the people we love.