The Venezia DOC controlled appellation takes its name from the city of Venice (Venezia in Italian); it was here, in fact, that the global market of wine, a commodity which was traded all over the known world of the time.

It was the Venetians who favored the cultivation of vineyards in northeastern Italy, in a vast and complex territory whose vineyards extended from the lagoon – Venice and Torcello – all the way to the Alpine foothills, an area of over 35 miles (60 kilometers) in length. The soils which characterized this area are quite different in character – calcareous, clayey, loamy, and gravelly – along the courses of rivers in which wines of much personality drew their origins. And this both for those made from international grape varieties and from local varieties as well, ones which are unique to the world.

The fruit of Venetian trading and commerce, these wines reflect the multi-faceted and poly-cultural character which has always been the essence of Venice as a civilization.

Each and every wine represents a territory and its history, a way of discovering a way of “living Venice”, of tasting and sharing it with friends in a old bistrot or tavern.

As the old adage goes: “wine gives joy when drunk together in company”.

The area of production

The discovery of the production area of the Venezia DOC


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