The harvest in the Venezia DOC appellation begins

The harvest in the Venezia DOC appellation begins in the first week of September. Venezia DOC is thhe denomination that protects the wines that tell the important history of viticulture and enology in Venice.

The harvest in the Venezia DOC denomination is a magical moment, which fascinates both those who are part of the wine sector, engaged with the necessary operations to ensure an optimal harvest of the grapes and their mashing, and the enthusiasts who observe this phase at the end of the annual cycle of vines.
For everyone, the harvest in the Venezia DOC denomination is an opportunity to see and learn new notions about grapes, wines, the rhythms of nature that change, the days that get shorter, to taste the scent of must in the air and to living emotions that then remain in the memories, part of everything that happened during the years.

The harvest in the Venezia DOC denomination is also a reason for joy, because the fruits of a year of work are harvested, sharing many beautiful emotions with family members and company collaborators, who are often part of the corporate ecosystem conceived as a large family , in which each person is valued at best, including those who take care of the vineyard, those who supervise the cellar and those who coordinate the company activities, all with the same mission of producing great wines that are an expression of the great history of wine in Venice.

The denomination Venezia DOC

The denomination Venezia DOC protects and promotes the wines produced, according to the production disciplinary, within the provinces of Treviso and Venice, with native and international grape varieties, the result of the recovery of the winemaking tradition of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. Among these are Pinot grigio Venezia DOC, Rosé Venezia DOC, Chardonnay Venezia DOC, Merlot Venezia DOC and Spumante Venezia DOC.

The vineyards and the grape varieties of Venezia DOC

Inside the vineyards of the Venezia DOC denomination, there are the vines inherited from Venice; to name a few include Glera, Verduzzo, Grapariol, Dorona for the whites and Raboso Piave and Veronese, Recantina, Marzemino, for the reds. These are flanked by international vines, including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot grigio, Chardonnay, an expression of the Venetians’ desire to grow grapes capable of giving rise to wines with unique characteristics, but which are able (yesterday as today) to adapt to a multitude of gastronomic traditions with which to combine them.
The Venezia DOC vineyards are located in a unique territory, the one in which the viticulture of Venice, of the Serenissima Republic, has existed for centuries. Organic farming is widespread here, an expression of the producers’ desire to preserve an important territory to which they are very attached and in which they have decided to invest every day to tell the great tradition of Venice wine.

The Venezia DOC wines

Venezia DOC wines are the expression of the city of Venice, of its great enological history, also testified by the many places within the city that tell of an important past, of which the best known is the “Riva del Vin”. Here, from the 11th century until the mid-19th century, boats loaded with wine landed and stationed, where the sales to and from the city took place. There are still numerous testimonies of wine production in Venice, including that of the vineyard – garden inside the Convent of the Discalced Carmelite Friars, where the Consorzio Vini Venezia is engaged, with the Friars in a project of research and recovery of ancient variety of the history of the Serenissima Republic, with the production of two wines, an example of those on which those belonging to the denomination Venezia DOC are based today.

Credits: Photos and Texts Consorzio Vini Venezia