Rosè Venezia DOC, the wine for Mother’s day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special date during the year, it is the day when each of us, son or daughter thanks the mother, for the life she has given us, for the joys of every day in being together, which is celebrated in Italy the second Sunday of May (in 2020 it is 10 May).

A special day

Mother’s Day is a holiday that in this period, we can enjoy even more in our homes, in the intimacy of our families, being able to enjoy a traditional lunch and dinner, the one that every mother keeps for herself and gives to each son and daughter as a cultural and identity baggage in the area of ​​birth and growth.
There are many “mother’s recipes” that we know. In the places of the Venezia DOC denomination, the expressions of the dishes are different, for a different use of the ingredients or the cooking methods, depending on the availability that nature makes available, without necessarily having to resort to imported products from the “mother’s recipes” “. Many of these are the testimony nowadays of Venice, a city that with its Republic, which has acted as mother to the whole of Central North and North – East Italy, leaving numerous traces, including recipes from the culinary tradition.
As every mother teaches, “eat Italian, eat healthy”, then a trusted suggestion on the goodness of what local culture and food and wine make available, an aspect that has been highlighted at this time. An invitation that Venezia DOC collects to invite you to try the recipes of the Venice tradition, tasting the products of local agriculture and therefore supporting the companies of the made in Italy agro-food industry of which we are all proud in the world, as Venice was at the time of the Serenissima Republic, during which it offered its goods to buyers from all over the Mediterranean, as the flagship of the high quality of its productions.

A recipe for mom with Rosé Venezia DOC

During Mother’s Day we take advantage of this happy moment to celebrate our mothers on the day dedicated to them, preparing with them and / or for them a recipe from the Venetian tradition, combining it with the Venezia DOC Rosé.

Venezia DOC Rosè, a gentle, delicate wine


Rosè Venezia DOC is a delicate wine, starting from the rose nuance that characterizes it. It recalls the peach and cherry blossoms, which express their delicacy with which women express themselves; the nose has soft floral notes of roses and wild flowers, and then gives way to fruity aromas of pineapple, morello cherry (wild cherries) and berries. The lively and elegant bubbles also prolong these sensations in the mouth with a pleasantly bitter finish.

The denomination Venezia DOC


Venezia DOC is the denomination that includes the territories of the provinces of Treviso and Venice, in the vineyards once under the auspices of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, ranging from the Dolomites to the Lagoon. Here biodiversity is respected, since the times of the Venetians and today carried out thanks to the favorable climate for the cultivation of vines. These wines give the essence and personalities that each of us can meet walking through the streets or simply entering a traditional Venetian tavern. They are the truest and most authentic flavor of this lifestyle and can be observed in the convent of the Discalced Carmelites where the local historical vines were recovered in the Sestiere of Cannaregio, a few steps from the Venice Santa Lucia Train Station.