May Day with Venezia DOC Rosso

May Day is a date to be marked on your calendar, not only because it is a day of celebration, but also because it is possible to stay with your family to taste the traditional recipes  at home or tasting the wines and typical dishes of Venice at the inside your own garden.

Why taste the Rosso Venezia DOC

Rosso Venezia DOC is the tradition of the red wines of Venice. It embodies all the culture and history of Venice. Inside you can find the numerous local vines such as Marzemino, Raboso, Refosco dal peduncolo rosso and Recantina and the internationals that the Venetians of the Serenissima Republic have over the centuries imported as rooted (i.e. young vine plants) from their travels in the Mediterranean.

The production area

Rosso Venezia DOC is produced in the area today between the provinces of Treviso and Venice, in what were once the vineyards-gardens of the Republic of Venice.
Here over the centuries the vine has had an importance not only from an agricultural point of view, but also from a socio-cultural point of view. It is not uncommon to find vines that are even over 100 years old and that with their production have accompanied the happy moments of the people of the Piave, Livenza, Brenta, Adige and Tagliamento. The supply of water and minerals, together with the differences in climate and soil, allow to obtain different nuances of this wine, which the winemaker interprets from year to year, to offer the best to tasters who know how to sense the taste of Venice.

A wine that tells Venice, to be enjoyed as in Venice

This wine, versatile but at the same time also rich in nuances, can be enjoyed alongside many traditional dishes. Among these are the “drunken maccheroncini al Montasio DOP” or the” Venetian liver “.